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I love your site and check it frequently. I have had trouble with the mobile site recently. It cold very well be my fault. I have an android phone and when I enter a brand or try to search for a bike, I a) cannot search by brand, and b) keep getting a list of all of the bikes stolen in the US. I am unable to click on Seattle, or any city and narrow the search.
Not sure if this is the right place to post this.
Seattle, WA


I find the site hard to use. Where are my bike


Hey folks. Thank you so much for this site. As a person who has had bicycles stolen in the past on a couple of occasions, I appreciate your dharma :wink:

Just to let you know that the Search function with keywords is not working at all for me today, the first day I’ve been to your site (I tried 5x). It’s also glacially slow to process. Are you aware of these things?

I’m sort of looking for a used hardtail mountain bike to buy. Sometimes I see ads that make me wonder if the bike was pilfered. Was thinking of seeing if this CL listing was a possible stolen bike. It just smells like it might be. I googled and found your search engine. It didn’t work.


1 do you have a sponsor page ? I might know 2 differnt shops that might sponsor you. Maybe just map with participating shops, just a pull down menu pull down notes. name address, phone
2 think you should add e-bikes (electric) to your types of bikes.
thanks Ed