Bike Index for: Advocacy groups

Do you work for or with a bicycle-related advocacy group? Are you interested in fighting bike theft? Check out the Bike Index!

The Bike Index tackles a very fundamental piece of the bike theft problem - the lack of universal and accessible bike registration data - by giving our partners tools to register bikes, verify bike ownership and to ID and recover stolen bikes. We work with hundreds of partners in cities, universities, cycling groups, law enforcement, and bike shops across the world. We’d love to help you protect your organization’s bikes, too!

By combining our tools with your local staff and resources, Bike Index provides a way to quickly register, protect, and recover bikes in your community. We offer simple online tools for registration and search, as well as bulk registration and technical support for law enforcement integrations - but honestly, the sky’s the limit. We’re always up for new and interesting ways to fight bike theft, depending on your needs.

Bike Index also provides simple tools to let your staff or volunteers mass-register bikes at events like summer rides, community meetings, or bike races. Local volunteers using Bike Index tools are a great way to boost registration and participation in your city, quickly and cost effectively - with no paper shuffling.

Because Bike Index is open source, our stolen bike data is available to our commercial and law enforcement partners who want to tap into it and fight bike theft. By leveraging your local organization’s support with our tools and global network of users, Bike Index provides the most wide-reaching, powerful option for protecting bikes - period.

But don’t just take our word for it - talk to any of our partners, like, Bike Cleveland, We Bike Eugene, GOBike Buffalo, Stolen Bikes Nola, CyclingUtah, Bicycle Tucson, Seattle Bike Blog, Savannah Bicycle Campaign … and more. Many, many more!

We also invite you to read our stolen bike monthly recovery stories and learn about the thousands of bikes we’ve helped recover. These stories are all great examples of the Bike Index community and partners working together to protect bikes, and they’re a great way to get the ‘big picture’ on how the Bike Index works.

Curious to hear more? Contact us today - we’d love to hear from you.

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