Manufacturers we're missing

We now have normal Bicycles @Jessica_Vreeswijk_Ku !

I Added Carrol @Joe_Richards, but the other companies seem like they closed, and that there aren’t that many registered bikes from them.

@C_Wiebe - I fixed the misspelling, thanks for pointing it out! And we’ll add the frame/wheel lock to our lock type list!

Orfos, Sigtuna and Konnect

Thank you so much for adding us!

Could you add manufacturer “ICAN Cycling”?


Added Ican @Sophie_Lea

Thank you very much!

Hi Mr. Seth,

Could you add OEM carbon bike manufacturer “Rinasclta Bike”?
Specialized in the carbon bike frame, fork, handlebar, rims, and components (seat post, saddle, stem and so on)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you add Trimax for lock manufacturers

Bike manufacturer for your list: M2S (Mountains To Sea).

A couple missing that I see:

Litespeed high-performance titanium bikes
Ocoee Bikes affordable titanium bikes


you could add also this one

Please add Linka to the lock manufacturer list. Thanks!

Please add Hunt Bike Wheels

Please add Brother Cycles

A couple you could add:

There is a manufacturer that they are missing Total Bmx

Thanks for your suggestions! Sorry for the slow response :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please add

Please add the >>

Could you please add Urban Arrow

A company you’re missing:

Lectric eBikes

Not to be confused with Lectric Cycles. That’s a completely different company.