New bike with hot components?


Last year, I bought a custom bike from an established bike shop. Since placing my order, I’ve become increasingly disturbed by the transaction: there was no proposal, no invoice, no shop tag - i.e., nothing in writing in spite of my requests for documentation; my interactions with the owner have convinced me that he is not truthful, and I wonder if he is having cash flow issues. Because the frame is custom, and I have been in touch with the manufacturer, I am comfortable that it is legitimate. However, I have had issues with the shifting components (Shimano Di2 6870, Ultegra). When I received the bike, in addition to no documentation, I was also not given the boxes & documentation that typically accompany components on a new bike. I have become suspicious, and am wondering if I bought a bike, outfitted with a stolen kit.
Is there some way I can trace the Shimano components - say back to Shimano where they presumably have serial number tracking to their customers?


Hi Robert,

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to track or identify components! Since they lack serial numbers, they’re all mostly identical and therefore untraceable. What was the name of the shop you bought the bike from?