Regarding my locked account

This is (a reproduction of) the 4th or 5th time I’ve emailed bike index, in regards to my locked out account. It be nice if i got a responce.

The locking of my account occured almost immediately after i contacted a member of the local police force about a bicycle he had seizied from a freind who borrowed my bike. The bike in question was registered to my account on Bike index, and this was the basis of the cop seizimg the bike, as it was not registered to person riding it, even though the bike was not reported stolen to police or marked as stolen on bike index.

I contacted and pointed out to the officer (Constable Tabelon 4393 of the Calgary Police Service) the bike was registered to me on bike index, my freind was simply borrowing it, and id like it back. The officer has refused to answer any questions I asked him substantially, and immediately after the beginning of discourse, I found that my list of bikes on bike index has disappeared. I registered another bike I had purchased that day on bike index, and a few days later i was locked out of my account. Id like to know why.

This issue has become a source of heartache for me becuase a bike i cherished, my Junction Rapid E, an ebike, has been stolen from me and i cannot even report it as stolen due to the fact my list of serial numbers was on the bike index, and not forseeing this, i did not have a database backed up elsewhere.

Id like to know a few things;

A) why has my account been locked and my list of bicycles I own deleted? I am the legitimate owner of these bikes, none of witch are reported stolen on the canadian CPIC database or bike-index. I am a legitimate small business person, who facing police scrutiny regarding a few past bike purchases, has gone to every effort to keep every element of my business on the up and up, hence me logging and recording each and every bike ive purchased since that scrutiny on bike-index. Has this been a pointless effort, only to be shot down by the say so of a cop in regards to a bike that isnt stolen, hasnt been reported stolen, and has not had criminal charges laid in relation to it? Is bike-index, effectively only a means of executing police vindication against those object to the unlawfull seizure of there property?

B) Is bike index even interested in who, actually, owns the bikes, or simply the opinions of its “partners” in law enforcement? Is bike-index intrested in due process, or does bike index simply ask “how high” when the police say “jump”? This is disturbing if so, especially in light of recent extra-judical execution’s of citizens by the police in the US.

Im looking forward to a responce from you and hope to (finally) receive one.

Im going to post this on the disscusion board of your website as email correspondence has proven futile up to this point.


John Cramer,

Owner/Operator of BA Bikes

This is a Bump. As i said i would like an ansewer to my questions

Well, now my account has been unlocked but im still deprived of my list of over 100 bikes registered in my name. Not a single one of the biles on my list has had its legitimatecy disputed. Even the bike that was seized from my freind (whom i let borrow my bike) (and the reason that bike was seized by police, was it was listed on bike index under my own and not his name) has been since returned to me, by the police. That was the event that seems to have triggered all this business of my list being deleted and my account being locked and unlocked.

Bump? Does this issue not have any grabity for the team at bike index? How are my 100+ bikes less important than anyone else’s? Because a local law enforcement agent claims my activity is suspicious, after i point out he seizied my bike unlawfully?