Beautify public facing user page [SOLVED]

Looks like when I enable a public profile page, it works, but it’s pretty ugly. You guys should make it prettier! More inline with the rest of the good lookin site. Thanks,

We definitely are working on it! There’s an open issue about it, and it will happen sometime this summer for sure.

Thanks for giving us a good example and highlighting how busted it looks right now @Drew_Kerlee


I really like Bikeindex and want you guys to succeed. Glad to do whatever I can.

Thanks for the feedback @Drew_Kerlee ! The new user bike page is now live and looking better than ever. Check it out! Let us know what you think.

Looks awesome. thanks! It’s tricky to get the actual link to all my bikes. Not a big deal, but here’s what I did to find “my link.”

  1. click Bike Index badge, brings me to user_home
  2. click any bike picture, brings me to /bikes/654654
  3. click “VIEW USER’S OTHER REGISTRATIONS”, brings me to

which is my link. solved. Thanks!

@Drew_Kerlee You can also access the link from your settings page. There you can also change the address into something a little more useable, like this:

works like a charm, thanks!

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