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Be a local hero. It’s easier than ever to become a Bike Index ambassador.

Are you an advocate for your local cycling community? Do you hate bike theft? Do you want to help protect other people from becoming victims of bike theft? If so, you should probably become a Bike Index ambassador. Check out our new web page to apply.

Now is the time to get involved. Spring is in the air which means one thing: bike season! Well, unfortunately it means two things: bike season, and bike theft season. Get ahead of the game and start prepping your city for dealing with bike theft before we reach the height of the summer. Ambassadors should be passionate about increasing registration and decreasing theft. To help ambassadors with this, Bike Index provides:

  • Print materials
  • Connection with other ambassadors through our slack channel
  • Shoutouts on social media
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Join our expanding network

Welcome to our newest Bike Index ambassadors: Nolan from Horsham, PA and Josh from Montpelier, VT . We now have ambassadors from all over the country: California, Oregon, New York, Washington - even Canada. Does your city have a representative? Whether you’re a professional bike mechanic or a bike commuter, a racer or a city planner, whether you have a lot to say or a little - you can have an impact. pbma logo\ 240x125

Mechanics say:

“As a bike mechanic, nothing pains me more than hearing about a customer’s bike getting stolen. As a member of Bike Index already, I try to tell everyone about this program, mainly because I have used it to help recover bikes in the past for others! I truly love this program and would love to be a part of helping it grow!”

“Professional bike mechanic fed up with bike thieves."

Applying is easy

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Pictured above: ambassador Brock Howell of Seattle, WA. Brock created a campaign last summer with multiple registration drives to register bikes all throughout Seattle.
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