Bike Index August 2019 Newsletter - Bike Index goes international in new partnership with Edmonton, Alberta

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Big news for Bike Index: we’re going international with our newest municipal partner in Canada. Ambassadors and law enforcement in Canada had been working together to recover stolen bikes in Edmonton, Alberta for some time. Upon making the partnership official, they are excited to register all cyclists in Edmonton in Bike Index and increase stolen bicycle recoveries with our cost-effective registration tools.

Some of the newest tools for law enforcement that Edmonton is utilizing are our QR stickers that allow officials in the field to scan a bike and immediately open the bike’s registration page using a smartphone. Additionally, the Edmonton Police Service has the ability to get in touch with bike owners as soon as they find their bike, even if that means the bike owner hasn’t marked their bike as stolen yet. By working in their community to host registration drives and help local bike shops register bikes and distribute stickers, EPS is ensuring that everyone in their community is protected in the case of bike theft.
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Conquer the busy season with automatic registration

It’s free and it takes 3 clicks: Bike Index has integrations for both Lightspeed and Ascend retail systems. Take a few seconds to integrate and start registering bikes for your customers today.

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