Bike Index June 2019 Newsletter - Bike Index makes a 12-year old bike recovery



“No one knows what use the bike performed during the years it was missing but, 12 years later, its new mission is to transport my son to perform some very important work.”

This might be a new record. 12 years after its theft in Iowa City, a bike has returned to its owner thanks to Bike Index. Picking up right where he left off, the bike’s owner now uses it to commute around Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago where he works. Bike Index has recovered over $8 million in stolen bikes. Make sure your bike has the best chance of returning to you if it’s stolen - register your bike on BIke Index right now.
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Conquer the busy season with automatic registration

It’s free and it takes 3 clicks: Bike Index has integrations for both Lightspeed and Ascend retail systems. Take a few seconds to integrate and start registering bikes for your customers today. pinhead\ 240x125

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Use the code [redacted… sorry y’all. sign up for our newsletter to come to your inbox to receive more deals] to get a 20% discount from Pinhead Locks.

Welcome to our 73 new Bike Index ambassadors

We’re seeing what we can do when communities come together through law enforcement, bike shops, and our ambassadors program. This community approach is apparent in our new partner of Edmonton, Alberta, who has already recovered dozens of stolen bikes by engaging multiple parties. We would love to see more ambassadors from the East Coast and Southwest diminishing bike theft in their communities. If you fit the bill, apply to our ambassadors program.

Please consider making a donation to Bike Index. We’re a 501©(3) nonprofit and we’re exceptionally busy this time of year. Every little bit helps!
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