Bike Index March 2020 Newsletter - Here's a bunch of happy bike recovery stories



Did you know that Bike Index has helped to recover almost $10 million in stolen bicycles? It’s true. We’ve helped bring almost 7,000 bikes back to their owners and have registered over 322,000 bikes and counting. Check out more bike recovery stories here.

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Thank you, Portland Police!

“Portland Police found it and contacted me through Bike Index and I picked up the bike less than 48 hours after it had been stolen. Amazing! I feel so lucky, grateful, and ready to go on a ride later tonight at sunset to celebrate the simple joy of riding my bike. Thank you all so much!” recovery\ 240x125

Thank you, person who cared!

“Someone great found this using Bike Index and contacted me via text!!! YAY BIKE INDEX…and HUGE YAY FOR THE PERSON WHO CARED ENOUGH TO LEVERAGE BIKE INDEX…AMAZING! Assuming it is rideable, it will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club for a third life.”

If you haven’t already, check out our webinar from last week’s virtual National Bike Summit. We talk registration and recovery, of course, but also bike theft on campuses and our tools for collaboration among organizations. It’s free to watch.

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