Bike Index November 2018 Newsletter - Support the most successful bike theft recovery site this Giving Tuesday

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Happy Giving Tuesday from Bike Index 🍂❄

Join us on Tuesday, November 27, for our Giving Tuesday fundraiser. Donate at 8 AM on Tuesday so Facebook can match your donation. If you are ever going to donate to Bike Index, it should be this coming Tuesday, at 8 AM. Bike Index is the most successful bicycle registration service in existence at recovering stolens (see above if you don’t believe us). Help your fellow community cyclists by helping us! Plus, don’t forget your donations are tax deductible.
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Boomerang set to launch new V2 GPS CycloTrac

If you have been looking for a new bike tracker, look no further than Boomerang Bike. Boomerang is working on a rollout of their new V2 trackers and in the meantime is offering Bike Index users an 80% discount on a V1 model. For only $25, you can get a GPS tracker with almost 6 days of continual tracking. The new V2 model will be smaller, quicker, and available for use in Canada. Supporting their campaign with just a dollar or two also goes a long way in bringing this effective and improved tracker to market. GEARS\ 240x125

New Bike Index Ambassadors

We have two new Bike Index Ambassadors this month thanks to two great organizations. The first, is Steve Piercy of Eugene, OR , on behalf of GEARS, or the Greater Eugene Area Riders. GEARS is a nonprofit that coordinates weekly rides, provides safety education, defends the rights and responsibilities of riders, and works to enhance the cycling culture in Eugene and the surrounding area. Our second new ambassador is Brent Thorvaldson of Edmonton, Alberta who works with the Stolen Bikes Edmonton facebook page. SBE has taken Bike Index and used it about as perfectly as we could have intended, rallying their local community to recover bikes posted on their page, with the help of Bike Index. Y’all rock.

Other News

Bike Index is now offering QR stickers for individuals and organizations. Alright, we know we know that we’ve harped on not relying on a sticker since Bike Index’s inception. But now 1) Pretty much all smartphones can now read QR codes directly through their cameras, eliminating the need for a special scanner, and 2) stickers have proved to be a great asset for organizations that are dealing with a large volume of bikes, such as universities and other school systems. Consider QR stickers for your organization.

Bike Index is a 501©(3) nonprofit, and we operate mostly on donations. Sometimes we recover a bike that costs thousands of dollars and we get no donation in return. If you don’t want to donate to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser at 8 AM on Tuesday the 27th, consider donating on our usual platform. Thank you we love you! And your bikes love you!
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The Bike Index Team

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