Bike Index September 2018 Newsletter - 5,000 stolen bicycle recoveries

September Newsletter

Summertime means more bikes, but also more bike theft. We've got the resources to keep you rolling as late into the day as the sun is up (and later).

As of September 19, we've helped recover 4,953 bikes. We're so close to returning 5,000 people to the road! Did you know we're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit? Help us get to 5,000 bikes by donating today 😊


What does the word 'vaccination' connote? Protection, health, longevity - that's why Brock Howell chose vaccination as the theme for a massive summer-long campaign to register bikes in Seattle, WA on Bike Index. Brock is our hero who runs Bicycle Security Advisors, an informational site dedicated to providing resources and mitigating bike theft. Get this guy a beer. Brock sites a drastic increase of bike theft between May and October, which is right now. "It's a little like how people are more susceptible to influenza virus in the winter because their immune systems are weakened by the weather..."

New blog thing

Congrats to our newest Bike Index Ambassadors: David Saunders of Buffalo-Niagara, NY, Michelle Farris of Seattle, WA, Jason Cawood of Troutdale, OR, and Larry Hager all the way in Leduc, Alberta! Ambassadors get discounted Bike Index gear and can request quick support from us at any time as they work to bring Bike Index to their communities. Join their ranks here.

Michelle's ambassadorship is thanks to Spin. In 18 cities and on dozens of campuses around the country, Spin is a great dockless mobility system that - like Bike Index - is committed to getting you where you need to go without having to worry about your mode of transportation getting stolen.

And finally, more information forthcoming on new Bike Index QR stickers. If you work for an organization that needs help keeping tabs on all of those bikes, shoot us an email to learn more. And keep an eye on our blog.

If you want to be as amazing as Bicycle Security Advisors, consider hosting a registration drive. It's free! And our banners are dope.

The Bike Index Team

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