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When Gabriel Trainer posted his orange SOMA on Bike Index, Bike Index posted the SOMA to Facebook. The intention wasn’t to cross-list his bike against Facebook’s marketplace, but that’s exactly what happened when Trainer’s bike thief tried to sell Trainer’s bike on Facebook immediately after stealing it. Unfortunately for Trainer’s bike’s thief, it took less than one day for Trainer’s bike to return to him, in part thanks to Bike Index’s new promoted stolen alerts on Facebook.

Bike Index’s new promoted stolen listings/alerts allow us to create Facebook ads for stolen bikes. We target these ads based on location from where the bike was stolen and curate viewership to a bike-sympathetic audience. Dollars spent go directly toward the cost of hosting the listing on Facebook, and so far have been a great supplement to the free tools that form the basis of Bike Index. We hope you’ll never need to use them! But if you do, they’ll be helpful even if the thief doesn’t post your bike on Facebook directly after stealing it.
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Conquer the busy season with automatic registration

It’s free and it takes 3 clicks: Bike Index has integrations for both Lightspeed and Ascend retail systems. Take a few seconds to integrate and start registering bikes for your customers today.

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Welcome to our 80 new Bike Index ambassadors

Join our community of bike registration and recovery afficionados. We’re seeing what we can do when people come together through law enforcement, bike shops, and our ambassadors program. We would love to see more ambassadors from the East Coast and Southwest diminishing bike theft where they live. If you fit the bill, apply to our ambassadors program.
Please consider making a donation to Bike Index. We’re a 501©(3) nonprofit and we’re exceptionally busy this time of year. Every little bit helps!
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