Bike recovered - how to remove from "bad" list to "yeah" list?

Thank you for being instrumental on getting back my rig. Need to convert this bike from the stolen postings to my “in stock” list. Rookie time here and not seeing the how to instruction on my home page nor in the general instructions - heip please.
Bonus info - Police records now up to date and working with the Seattle PD to nab the bad guys.

Thank you, Chad

Hey Chad! I’m super happy we helped you get this bike back. You can log in and change this status yourself - if you need help with this, email me at

PLEASE relay to us the whole story on how this bike came back, though - we track these successes very very closely so it always helps us to hear how the bikes come home.

edit: I just tried to email you via the email address on this bike, and got a bounce from gmail - so, if your email’s incorrect on the registration this may be your issue. Again, drop me a line and I can help.