CSV Spreadsheet Mass Upload Requested - Non Profit Bike Shop


We suffer from the lack of an ability to log all the bikes after logging them in Excel for our grant program which we can share with local police to prove bike ownership. If the burden could be reduced here at Bike Index to uploading a pre-agreed format like this:
[Date] [Name] [Email] [Make] [Model] [Color] [Tire Size] [Frame Size] etc

The customer or volunteer is unlikely to go enter that information. We want to do so, but it would be nice to have a way to upload monthly after we have a volunteer enter the data in the spreadsheet.

Can you create a blank and run some tests, then share the blank with us? I could format my spreadsheet around that, add my personal columns, then copy/paste just the new data columns you want in a new CSV to upload. My document has more details that your site doesn’t need, but it would be created in columns after the core BI data. Did that make sense? I’m a people person, can’t you tell?!? (Office Space reference)

Clint - Public Outreach
Topeka Community Cycle Project


According to this page, bulk registration is an option. Please contact Seth at seth@bikeindex.org for details.


Steve, thanks for the reply. I emailed Seth with this:

I would want all of the data to come in with the same organization or column structure so the integration was seamless. A blank spreadsheet could be created, and the file posted for download either on the website directly, or in a Git style repository and link on the website for updating the doc and not having to interfere with IT.

In other words, declare the structure so you all have less work to do. Thanks for the amazing resource!


Thanks for telling him to contact me @Steve_Piercy!

We do have a bulk import option, I’ll coordinate with you further over email to get it set up @Topeka_Community_Cyc