[Dev] 'Unable to find endpoint' error in custom API client

Hi, I’m trying to perform a fetch in an API client and I’m hitting a 404 error. When I perform the same request in a browser or api-client such as Bruno then it succeeds. This endpoint is only failing in my custom API client.

  1. I’m requesting https://bikeindex.org:443/api/v3/bikes/20348
  2. the API docs show this work just fine with only a ?access_token query parameter in the /v3/bikes/{id} endpoint
  3. Here’s a screenshot of the network traffic in Proxyman showing the raw request and response.


  • Could this be a Cloudflare problem, maybe with my user agent?
  • Do I need to include any of the OAuth token in the request?

In contrast running a request from a browser A) succeeds and B) shows a _bikeindex_session cookie among others. Is there a list of required body parameters? Do I need all of these headers?

Oh the issue is that my request was using the POST method and it should have been GET.

Ha, good catch - I was coming here to say that.

The other thing is that you should remove the :443 from the URL

Where do I find the docu of this API?