Error encountered when registering a new bike


I’m attempting to register my bike and when I click “register” I get this message: " cannot handle this request. HTTP error 500


@Janell_Rothe can you provide further details?

  • Date and time of incident
  • URL (link or address) of page
  • Whether the issue persists today
  • A screenshot of the data you enter may be helpful, obscuring any personal information


I just now tried to register again 9/27/2018 1734 MDT and got the same message. Here is a screenshot of my info, along with the URL:


Thanks for the report @Janell_Rothe. Your attempt seems fine to me.

Ping @seth to look at server logs for an ISE 500. Does Bike Index have anything like Sentry to parse logs?


I hope you figured out a solution to this @Janell_Rothe!

The best place to get support for specific bugs and issues is via emailing

And we do have error monitoring via honeybadger @Steve_Piercy