Is there a problem with the Mark bike stolen feature right now?

Pretty confused - I’m trying to help a friend recover his bike, but I can’t mark the bike as stolen. Pressing the big red button does nothing in Chrome, FF, Edge, IE or mobile. The developer console just shows a trivial hit to facebook, and nothing else at all happens.
I tried this with the account I set up for him at my workplace, and on one of my own bikes when logged in to my own account at home - neither of them works.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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I’m having the same issue while trying to report my bike stolen.

Same, report stolen button is unresponsive for me on desktop Chrome, FF and IE. Frustrating because my bike was stolen a couple days ago and hasn’t been working. Glad I found this thread.

Didn’t hear back from my email or my tweet or this post, but it just worked for me right now.

This problem has been resolved.

I’m setting things up to monitor better, since seeing this post would have resulted in fixing the issue sooner. Thanks for bringing up the issue @Chris_Procter, @Tom_Porkka and @Chase_D !

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