Language Support

Translation into other languages - Spanish should be a priority - would allow cyclists who are disproportionately victims of bicycle theft to use Bike Index.

This should be discussed in the issue tracker. It appears that providing translations for Spanish was a top priority for @seth, but I don’t know what happened since then.

Hey @Thomas_Proctor - thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to do a good job at translating the site into Spanish. Using the Google translate site functionality is a better bet.

@Steve_Piercy we added a Dutch translation - it’s a bunch of work to maintain, and the majority of the translation is actually provided by Google Translate anyway (our translator stopped having time to work on the project). There are some chunks of the site that aren’t translated at all - which from what I’ve seen, means the end result is worse than if you just used google site translate in the first place.

Ultimately, translating a website is a huge project! Particularly since Bike Index is continuing to add functionality, keeping up with the changes is no small task.

Yup. It all hinges on a human who is bilingual to do a better job than Google Translate. The amount of effort outweighs the negligible benefit.

That said, Google took a dump on almost all website owners by ending support of the Google Translate widget, and telling them to use Chrome instead. It appears however that there is an exemption for non-profit organizations.

Or we could put the Mexico flag on the upper right corner to use Google Translate. The URL GET parameters are easy enough to decipher.

I’m not sure it’s very useful to suggest how to automatically translate a websites to users.

From what I’ve seen, people who don’t speak English are pretty adept at figuring out how to get automatic translations and have their own preferred method of doing so.

Since we don’t offer anyone other than dutch speakers a better experience than an automated translation, I worry that suggesting something (e.g. google translate) will make them think we have something to offer when we don’t.

I’m open to being convinced otherwise though!