Manufacturers we're missing


Would it be possible to add Cardiff to your parts manufacturer's list?
These folks make really awesome leather saddles, bar tape, and leather grips.


Could you add manufacturer "Cuevas Bikes"?


Please add "Satori" to your parts manufacturer list.


Please add Stance Bikes to this list. They make awesome Fixies!


BSP (from the netherlands) is missing in the List.


Scattante .... didn't find my newer model on here.


Please add Badger bikes to this list.


Please add Kelly Bike Company:


Can you add The Box Bike Collective as a frame maker ( Thank you.


This page is totally non functional on my phone. Search doesn't work next nutton broken.


It appears I can register my bullitt as a bullitt, but the manufacturer is Larry vs Harry, which is not an option:


Please add Stinner Frameworks, Broakland Bikes, and Mars Cycles. All three are California based custom builders.


Please add Advocate Cycles. They have a good fat bike frame, if the reviews are right, and an interesting history and mission.


Hi, can you add "Silverback". It's a German manufacturer


What is the best guess on the total amount of bicycle brands at this moment? Do you guys have an idea?


thank you for including us! Daccordi Cycles


Can you add Vicini? It's an Italian brand.


You're welcome!


Added. Thank you!


We hadn't heard of them. They're added, thank you!