Manufacturers we're missing


Other or Unknown is not an option on my drop down… My bike is Specialized brand.


How is Zeus not on this list? They are, of course, defunct, but in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s they were a major force in the industry.


Gineyea is professional bicycle parts manufacturer in China.
Please contact us by visiting our website: or send us enquiry via


Bigcat Bikes. Electric fat tire bikes for everyday riding and a day at the beach.

#65 has probably every bmx manufacture out there, past and present.


Do you have splendid cycles? They sell and manufacture cargo bikes, including the Bullit by Larry vs Harry (which I am planning to buy and register).


Hey Susan! Thanks! I just added them.


Hey Stephan and Robert, just added Big Cat Bikes and Splendid Cycles! Thanks.


Kickbike: Finnish-designed leisure and racing scooters.


Just a little correction in the name of a manufacturer: instead of bamboo cycles should be bamboocycles all together :smile:


Component manufacturer


Propain bikes its from Germany



make most of the accessories for Scott


Kickbike: Finnish-designed leisure and racing scooters.

Doesn’t look like Kickbike makes bikes… they look like scooters. Seems like it shouldn’t be included in our list of bicycle manufacturers?


@urielsalazar Bamboocycles is updated. Thanks for the catch!

@Misti_N_JJ_Garcia, Salt has been added.

@Misho_Moshi - added propain

And @Connor_Moroney, added Syncros too :slight_smile:


Bearings: Kogel

A wide variety of carbon fiber components: Easton Cycling


MC Reynolds - custom made bikes by MC Reynolds, owner of Diablo Bicycle Shop in N. Calif.


Another component & accessories manufacturer… Mucky Nutz (


@Mark_Petrofsky - I looked around online for more information about MC Reynolds frames but couldn’t find an authoritative site. If you know of one we’ll add them! But if he/they aren’t still making frames and didn’t make more than a handful it won’t be useful to add them.

@Shane_Darwin and @James_P_McGraw - Thanks, they’ve been added!


Sage Titanium Bicycles is a maker of high performance titanium bicycles.