Manufacturers we're missing


Hello seth, please add bisecu lock.


Here is one you missing. Liyang Global
They have 47 years history! Hope that help!


thanks for sharing this.

Assignment help Luton


Hi, I don’t see Barco, aka Cicli Barco, on the list. They are an an Italian maker.


Aha, and Olympia aka Cicli Olympia would be good to add also. They have been manufacturing bikes since 1893.


And three is enough for one day … Scapin, founded in 1957 by Umberto Scapin,


Please add Growler Performance Bikes


Under lock manufacturers you are missing Abloy. They mostly make door and access controls but they have a high security series of padlocks suitable for bikes.


You are missing Rad Power Bikes - an ebike manufacturer out of Seattle.


Please add Stahlex to the lust of lock manufacturers. Thanks!


I couldn’t find Azub in the manufacturers list. Maker of high-end expedition recumbents. Located in Czech Republic. They sell a lot in the US.


Great list!

A relative new company that’s quickly getting a lot of attention is Bearclaw Bicycle Co. -

Thanks for your consideration. We at BBCo appreciate it!


Please add Speedplay pedals to you list of components.


Added Cicli Barco, Cicli Olympia and Scapin. Thanks!


Added Bearclaw, also Speedplay, Rad Power, Growler and Azub :slight_smile:


Added all these. Also added Merit, FLX and Portland Design Works.

Sorry for the delay!


Please add Argo Cargo Bikes:


Manufacturers you are missing: Kennedy Elite (pretty rare custom bikes out of Australia - mine was just stolen.)


Mortisol. All I know is that they’re in China.


Please add Lattis: