Manufacturers we're missing


Added Argo Cargo Bike and Lattis.

We have focused on including bike manufacturers who have some an online presence or a significant number of produced bicycles - John Kennedy seems to have made some nice bikes, but doesn’t have a big enough presence (as far as I can find) to justify including. Morisol (or Murtisol) seems like a chineese imprint without significant traction either. Both can be found by searching for their names on Bike Index, but don’t seem relevant enough right now to justify inclusion.


Please add Normal Bicycles (


Bertin, Van Hauwaert, Carroll.
All bikes which I own and will register. Tnanks

#127 (IoT trackers for equipment, including bike gps, etc.)


Hi, I’m in the Netherlands and my bike got stolen (2nd time but fortunately I’m insured) - I was able to find Jan Janssen in your Manufacturer list but with a misspelling (should have 2 x “S” instead of 1)
This is not a big deal but easier to match if you are able to modify: the stickers/print on the bike frames are spelled with his name properly “Jan Janssen”.

Not sure if this is a good place to mention it but one of the most common “basic” locking types found here is a Frame/Wheel Lock which isn’t in the Locking Description drop-down list.
Something like this:

Please keep up the great work!