Moral dilemma: I found my stolen bike on craigslist, should I buy it back?


I had a sentimental bike that I bought new 25 years ago. It was stolen 2 weeks ago. I found it posted on craigslist for $60 and I want to buy it back.

Sure, I’d like to get the guy busted and bring the police in when I meet the CL seller… but the guy took it from my backyard so he knows where I live. There is another ad from the same seller for another bike (i.e a repeat criminal). What do I gain from getting this guy busted? I might get my bike back for free, but then I put myself, my family and house at risk since he knows where I live. Even if I can get him caught, then aren’t the punishments so small that he can just keep on doing this afterwards?


Buy the bike back then shoot the guy. He knows then you mean business.


Or ask to take it for a test ride then and not come back. He couldn’t hold that against you.


Ask the police to do it.


So…did you get your bike back with the $60 and no hassle or with the police and a fear of revenge???


Would love to hear what you did and what the outcome was.

I hope you went all-Liam Neeson on his ass :wink:

Actually I like Sam_Sparks solution the best (above).

If you don’t reply, we’ll have to assume things went terribly wrong.


I made up a random story and fictional name and bought my bike back. But, I was too worried to confront him, so I hired a bouncer whom I found on craigslist and he bought my bike. I think that scared the guy a bit since I didn’t see his ads any more.


$60 was worth it to get what you wanted. And no blood shed. Congrats.