PDF registration certificates

The Bike Index now has PDFs for every registered bike!

Sample registration PDF

Since one of the biggest reasons for registering bikes is to have a verified record of ownership, we’re excited to offer a way to download and/or print a document with your bike’s record.

You can download your bike’s document on your home screen by clicking Printable registration.

Registration certificates are also great for people with stolen bikes - the PDF displays information about the crime and your phone number, so you can put up wanted posters all over town.

Sample stolen registration

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Can we print this from the organization page?
We would like to print this out for all our customers when they pick up a new bike.

It's been done! Just go to your organization account page and you'll see a link next to all the bikes.

We're excited that you're giving out information to all your customers!

It would be good if the registration certificate indicated the date that the bike was registered.

Hey Dave, we're working on it! We'll update you as soon as it's been done.

If it has the name of the person to which the bike is registered that would be helpful also.

We've added both the registration date and the owner's name to the registration certificate. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi, I recently registered a new bike on Bike Index, but no registration link seems to appear on https://bikeindex.org/my_account:

Is there still a way to generate a registration certificate?