Picture uploading and ordering [SOLVED]


I’ve got two bikes that have two pictures each. When I edit the details of the bike, the pictures, they show up fine. But when I look at the list of bikes that I have, the default pic for the bike is the wrong one. I can’t change the other so they show up correctly. One of my bikes shows a broken picture altogether, but when editing, it works fine.


@Drew_Kerlee The broken picture should appear now on your bike page. I’m looking the default picture issue now.


@Drew_Kerlee I’ve fixed the default picture issue you experienced. The default image for your Bridgestone Trailblazer is still set to the bottom bracket image however if you update the default image to the bike, it will display correctly. Let me know if there’s any other issues with this.


Fixed. I’m able to drag pictures around and save the order. Thanks!


I’m having a similar issue with my Kona Hot registration — I get the broken picture in my list of bikes, but I can edit and rearrange the pictures more or less. I’m using Chrome 60 on Windows FYI. Please advise


Figured out the issue. When editing a bike, the ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button on the ‘PHOTOS’ page seems to be broken — after rearranging photos I had to click ‘SAVE CHANGES’ on the ‘ACCESSORIES + COMPONENTS’ page in order for photo changes to be saved.