Registered Bike Detail

So… the point of sale system we use (Lightspeed) has some quirks that show up on the consumer’s bike registration. Because bike companies are naming their colors with a phrase or creative name, some are defaulting to “BLACK” even though the bike isn’t black. The instance I just came across was a Cannondale Quick 3 in “Chameleon”. This paint changes color depending on the light the bike is in and the angle at which you are looking at it.
Can there be a “CUSTOM” color field added so that the color can be entered as the manufacturer lists on their info?
Has anyone else experienced the need for additional fields to properly describe the bikes?

  • Vince in Portland
    River City Bicycles

Hey @Vincent_Rodarte!

This has been a problem for a while, and I think I have something to improve it now! I’ll update you when I get it done

Ok - here is my solution.

Firstly, for showing the colors correctly to shop customers: we can get some of the color information from Lightspeed, some of the time. So for example, for this Quick 3, you now see that it now says “color description: Chameleon”

On registration, just the description is included in the email to the user, if we aren’t able to parse colors out of it (i.e. they will only see “Color: Chameleon”), since telling them “black” wasn’t great.


The objective of only having a limited set of colors is to make it easy to catalog bikes when you’re searching for them. If something looks black, you don’t have to guess at what the specific name is, you just search for “Black” and you’ll probably find it. So users don’t have the option to put in “Chameleon” as a color when they edit their bike. They have to select colors from our list.

Of course, they can enter in information about the color in the description field - which makes it show up on the page for the bike, and also makes it searchable - for instance this Quick 3, which the user added

transitional paint that looks blue, green, or purple depending on the angle and lighting

to the description (this user also selected the colors for this bike to be “blue”, “green” and “purple”).

Hopefully this seems like a reasonable solution? Is there something else you think should be done?