Ruby Developers for Bike Kitchen Platform?

This is not Bike Index specific so I’m just throwing it out there in the context of bikes and networking but the Bike Kitchen I volunteer at uses a web app for registering patrons/volunteers and is also how we keep track of volunteer hours and membership status. It seems to work well and is used by multiple community Bike Kitchens (over a dozen) but I noticed that it hadn’t been updated in a long time, and because we put so much sensitive info into the database there I reached out to the developer recently who responded that indeed he’d gotten caught up in other projects etc. but that he felt (due to how it’s hosted) that it was secure.
But he asked if I was a developer (I’m not) or if I knew any Ruby developers that would want to work on it. I said I’d keep my eye open. I just noticed that the Bike Index is at least in part being developed on Ruby so I’m just passing along this info in case it’s of any use/interest to people at the Bike Index.
Here’s the url:
And their GitHub page:

This is a neat project! I didn’t realize it existed.

Bike Index is indeed a ruby project too.

Finding developers is difficult, but if I find someone looking for a project to work on I’ll point out this one.

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Agreed! There’s a nice natural connection between BikeIndex and Bike Kitchens. Thanks for looking out!