Sad ending for an e-bike

This past week, while walking in my neighborhood, I came across the remains of an e-bike frame. It looks to be from a RadWagon (Rad Power Bikes). What struck me about this were two things:

  1. it is a fairly expensive bike.
  2. the thieves cut the frame apart, presumably to steal the bikes more expensive components.

So at some point, when protecting out bikes with better locking mechanisms, does it reach a point where the bike frame is the weak link in avoiding theft? The story behind the theft of this particular bike will likely never be told. I found only two parts of the frame. And neither had anything that might help to identify it (no serial numbers or Personalization that I could find). I’m including a few pictures. They were found in Shoreline, WA, along a walking path that abuts a cemetery.

i dont htink that is a bike., i think its a scaffold or something with a bike insignia either that or its a trike

I’ve been in construction for 30 years and I don’t think it’s scaffolding. I’m surprised the thieves didn’t try to recycle the aluminum.