Selling a registered bike

Hey Folks!
First off, thanks for all the work you do.
I wanted to bring to you attention that the “help” section needs to be updated. I sold I bike I previously had registered on Bike Index, but in following the instruction from the help section, it appears as though you have to click on the “mark bike as stolen” to update the ownership information. Long story short, I accidentally marked the bike as stolen, thought I had fixed it, and sent the registration for a marked “stolen” bike to the new purchaser. Is there any way I can fix this? I don’t want the new owner getting in trouble if he takes his bike into a bike shop for repairs!

Hey Sara!

Thanks for reaching out! We’re sorry those screenshots aren’t up to date, we’ve been making a bunch of changes to make things easier - specifically transferring bikes easier - and I’ll update the screenshots to reflect that later this morning.

If the new owner has not claimed the bike, you can still update it and mark it not stolen (you’ll have to mark it recovered).

If the new owner has claimed the bike, you can let them know they should mark it recovered, or you can email with a link to the bike you sent and we’ll sort you out.