Soon to launch little counter top displays

Hey all, I’m going to be trying deploying these little stands around my community. I’ve got a decent little list of places I’d like to put them. I’ll keep track of metrics as time goes on: number of stickers out, dollars invested in project, and new bike registrations in Tacoma. What do you think?! Any other suggestions on how to make these thing more pro-looking? Or perhaps the somewhat janky grass roots thing is a good thing? heh heh!

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It’d be really cool if you could print up some QR stickers so when someone got a flyer they could peel the sticker off an attach it to their bike. Not sure if this is technically possible or already been done but it’s not a bad way to beef up this database while simultaneously raising awareness.

That’s a cool idea @Robert_Rigdon, what would the QR codes link to? Bikeindex is doing these other stickers that have a QR code on them… this blog post, do you mean something like that? The draw back of those stickers is only that they are pre-registered to a municipality (?maybe??), and are like a buck per sticker. When I’ve used QR codes in the past, I usually link them to a website URL or something.