University of Utah Partners with Bike Index for Comprehensive Campus Bike Management and Theft Prevention

University of Utah joins Bike Index to reduce bike theft and manage bicycles on campus

The University of Utah has joined forces with Bike Index, a leading platform for bike registration and recovery, to combat bike theft and streamline bike management on campus. With over 35,000 undergraduates and a vibrant community of visitors, the university has been grappling with an increasing number of bike thefts in recent years, putting students’ and visitors’ property at risk.

In 2021 alone, 69 bicycles were reported stolen from the University of Utah campus, many of which had their locks cut—some in broad daylight. This alarming trend is not unique to the university, as campuses across the country have faced similar challenges with bike theft. To address this issue and ensure a safer environment for cyclists, the University of Utah has partnered with Bike Index and its comprehensive suite of campus bike management tools.

Through this partnership, the University of Utah gains access to Bike Index’s cutting-edge bike registration and recovery system, which is designed to deter theft and facilitate the identification and return of stolen bicycles.

Key features of Bike Index’s campus bike management solutions include:

1. Mobile Bicycle Identification: Campus officials can quickly scan a QR sticker to identify a bicycle’s owner, send notifications, or tag bicycles for easy management.

2. Message & Notification History: All messages and notifications related to a registered bike are conveniently stored in a centralized location, ensuring efficient communication and record-keeping with interdepartmental access.

3. Location-Based Messaging: University staff can create and distribute notifications and follow-up messages based on the specific location of registered bicycles on campus, enabling targeted communication and enforcement.

4. Simple Registration: Students simultaneously register their bikes with both the university’s campus management system and Bike Index’s national database, increasing the chances of recovery for the lifetime of the bicycle (not just its time on campus).

By leveraging Bike Index’s robust platform, the University of Utah joins a community of nearly 100 university partners committed to making campuses safer and protecting bicycles now and in the future. Bike Index’s comprehensive approach not only aids in theft prevention but also streamlines bike management, fostering a more organized and secure cycling environment for the university community.

In addition to its campus bike management tools, Bike Index offers valuable resources for bike owners, including tips for preventing theft, recovery assistance, and a vast database of registered bikes to aid in the identification and return of stolen bicycles. By partnering with Bike Index, the University of Utah demonstrates its commitment to promoting sustainable transportation, creating a safer environment for students, and fostering a bicycle-friendly campus culture.

To learn more about Bike Index’s custom campus bike management solutions and how ti can benefit your institution, email

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