Unknown bikes and identification


Do you have a bike that you want to know more information about? Ask about it here!


Hi I purchased an old school bmx was told it was a mongoose but don’t think it is , I have found the serial number on the bottom bracket and it is 83C3130 , can anyone in here identify it for me please.


I am Owner/operator of a small bicycle repair shop in southeastern AZ, folks donate bikes that are unused, rusted out, broken, whatever.
I have an old mountain bike from the 80’s I am guessing, with no manufacturers name, other than “HIGH TRAILS” decal on the frame and a serial number on the bottom of the crank housing: YF 840802970 …the first zero could be a “D” ?
The bike has Chang-Star brakes and brake controls, derailleurs and freewheel are Falcon Lifei CO. LTD. it has bull moose handle bars and seems to be a budget model as it has a one piece crank and pedals, but very similar appearance to the early “Concord” Japanese mountain bike of the early 80’s.
I have searched the web up and down and have had no luck other than the components are all made in Taiwan.
I am looking for the name of the manufacturer and the year made.
Thank you for your time


Hey Chester,

That doesn’t seem like anything I’m familiar with! Does anyone else have any information on this? Good luck!


Thanks Bob , yeah its a mystery…some one said it was an old Schwinn model but I found nothing that was Schwinn on the bike (components) other than the frame is very similar to the “High Plains” and another old Schwinn model but all I have is a serial number and even that does not come up anywhere on a bicycle data base.
Thanks for your time!


I have a 26" cruiser it had a schwinn tag tryed looking up the serial number and had no luck getting info can you help Any idea what year it could be the serial number is csc3b06227


I’m hoping to find some information about this bike! I picked it up from a resale shop, and can not find anything on it. It has some Japanese stickers, but no real emblem anywhere. I can post more pics if it will help.


Hey Mandy. I don’t recognize this one. Maybe you should post some more pics, and someone else on here will be able to recognize it! Couldn’t hurt to have a few more photos.


I took a picture of the serial number I know it’s a GT Dyno…I want to know the year and type…I believe it’s early 90’s. Can you tell me more about this bike I’m in the process of restoring it.


Considering purchasing this bike but know nothing about road bikes. It’s an Eddy Merckx but I’d like to know the model and approximate age if anyone knows it. From a quick google search it seems like a prestigious brand and he’s selling it for pretty cheap so it seems like a great deal. Sorry that I don’t have a better picture, only one I have.



I have a Saresen Mantra serial number SA5075710 and can’t seem to find any info on it. Can you help?



I have a Sun Easy Racer EZ-1 Serial SPU4800085. I’d like to know what year it is. Sent an email to Easy Racers but they replied that “Sorry, we don’t keep that infomation.”. Huh? The manufacturer doesn’t keep records. Anybody know how I can look those up? Maybe the Sun web site?