"You Get your Bike Back"

The bikeindex entry page names the step "“You Get your Bike Back” - but there’s no link where bikeindex tells you how that will happen.

So what’s the magic here how to get your bike back?

Per the entry page:

A user or partner encounters your bike, uses Bike Index to identify it, and contacts you.

Without a good way of connecting you with the person who found your bike, you wouldn’t get your bike back at all. Bike Index is that connection. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough that it motivates us continuing to work on this!

Thanks - so we have a very different understanding what “brings you back” does mean.

“contacts you” is IMHO closer to “the community responds” that getting your bike back-

I wonder since I know those cases

  • where the owners reported the bike stolen and the bike was found just before crossing the border to Eastern Europe the same day, 400 miles away
  • the owner tracked his bike by apple air tag from southwest of Germany to Bulgaria, where the Police saved it. But there’s no way to transport it back.

Maybe that’s the difference to the US, where the bike remains within the state or even within the city and “everyone” owns a pickup where he can throw it on the back of his truck and return it to you.

So actually bikeindex does not bring you back your bike, but mostly will tell you where it was seen.